Recording Session Special Offer!

If you are a Singer, Vocalist, Voice Over Artist, Hip-Hop artist, Guitarist etc. You are invited to take advantage of our  limited time Discounted recording rate at Artica Music’s “private” digital studio near Dublin, Ohio. The  current rates for recording services are only $15/hr or 2hrs for $25….. Note: (This rate is for RECORDING ONLY).  The engineers are experienced and professional and have extensive knowledge in Pre and Post production.

We are using current generation A/D D/A conversion and operate at any available sample rate, thus making sure that your recordings have every ounce of detail and clarity.

As Stated above the discounted rate is for Recording only, Mixing services are also available. Please Inquire.

With the popularity of this service there are limited slots and only serious professional artists will be booked as this is a “private studio”.

Please feel free to contact at your earliest


 Thank You

Aaron R.

Artica Music

(862) 400- 7004